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Looking for a reliable web application to streamline your business? Look no further. My software applications are designed to help businesses streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.

Your Secret Weapon

Just Serdar

Cemented as a one-stop-shop and a one-man powerhouse, I seamlessly integrate my expansive journey from graphics designer, multimedia specialist to 3D animation and beyond. My repertoire boasts a unique blend of skills, knowledge, and experience. I don't just deliver; I breathe life into your vision.

Javacript & TypeScript

Harness the power of JavaScript's flexibility combined with TypeScript's robustness. Experience seamless scripting and strong type checking, ensuring optimal performance and stability for your projects.

Don't take it from me.


Experience speaks, read what others have to say about JustSerdar.

In the realm of 3D web technologies, JustSerdar stands as a beacon of knowledge and innovation. As a consultant, JustSerdar’s expertise in leveraging WebGL, Three.js, and similar tools has been transformative for our web-based projects. The ability to advise on integrating complex 3D graphics seamlessly into web platforms is remarkable. Whether it’s about optimizing performance or enhancing visual appeal, JustSerdar’s guidance has been instrumental in developing cutting-edge web experiences that are both visually striking and functionally superior. This unique blend of technical know-how and creative insight is invaluable for anyone looking to push the boundaries of 3D web applications.



My open source contributions

Guided by a dedication to simplicity and function, my work and integrations aims to offer a blend of practicality, adaptability and performance. It's just my way of contributing to our shared digital landscape.


A transformative integration designed to give Notion an enhanced 'ProMotion', amplifying its utility and experience.

Working Together

Why hire me?

Embarking on a digital venture requires a partner who comprehends every nuance—from the aesthetics to the user journey and the underlying development process.

User Interface

The digital realm requires a careful balance of striking visuals and operational ease. This balance ensures that while the eye is pleased, the user's objectives are effortlessly achieved.

Understanding the intricacies of user behavior ensures each touchpoint is seamless, meaningful, and valuable. With a focus on intuitive navigation and designs tailored for the user, the digital landscape transforms into an engaging and memorable experience.

User Experience

While the design captures attention, it's the user experience that retains and engages. Each digital interaction is crafted to be intuitive, reducing friction and enhancing user satisfaction.

From responsive layouts to intuitive navigation paths, my aim is to create experiences that are delightful and memorable.

Developer Experience

Recognizing the importance of a smooth development process, I curate my projects to ensure they're not just end-user-friendly but developer-friendly too. This means clean code, well-documented processes, and an emphasis on cost effective scalability.

For fellow developers, my work is not just about end results. By adopting best practices and streamlined processes, I aim to make the development journey as enriching and efficient as the final product.

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Benefit from a freelance partner who brings a blend of innovation, precision, and passion to every project. Explore a portfolio that speaks volumes about dedication and expertise.

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